ZVISION EZ6 Unveiled at CES 2024: Pioneering the Future of SPAD LiDAR Technology

2024-01-17 15:35

At the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), ZVISION, a leading provider of automotive-grade LiDAR solutions in China, unveiled their latest SPAD LiDAR - the ZVISION EZ6, on

January 2nd, marking its first public appearance. Targeted for mass production within Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), the ZVISION EZ6 is a long-range, cost-effective LiDAR solution, representing a significant step towards more accessible and equitable LiDAR technology in the industry.


CES 2024, among the most important annual events in the world of consumer electronics, gathered the worlds leading technology firms under one roof. ZVISION selected this platform for the launch of their ZVISION EZ6, aiming to introduce their advancements in LiDAR technology to an international audience. Additionally, the company seeks to utilize CES's extensive global reach to enhance the worldwide distribution of their products.

ZVISION EZ6-1png.png

ZVISION’s latest masterpiece ZVISION EZ6 boasts numerous advantages

The ZVISION EZ6, through its novel architectural design, attains a highly integration at the chip level in LiDAR technology. This advancement significantly lowers the EZ6's overall cost, setting a new industry standard by dropping below the 2000 CNY mark (approx. US$280), effectively initiating a pricing era starting from 1000 yuan (approx. US$140). The incorporation of SPAD architectural innovation is key to this achievement, enabling ZVISION to reduce costs while maintaining profitable growth prospects. The approach delivers competitively priced, high-performance products.

Secondly, the evolution of SPAD LiDAR towards higher resolution results in notable improvements in both cost efficiency and performance. Leveraging the industry-leading 192 channels, ZVISION EZ6 achieves point cloud characteristics with image-like quality, ensuring exceptional sensing capabilities. The uniform and structured point cloud output minimizes initial engineering adaptation expenses and improves the identification of low-lying obstacles. The capability exemplifies the device's ability to offer increased functionality without a corresponding increase in cost.

Additionally, the ZVISION EZ6 exhibits strong resistance to dirt accumulation and is equipped with advanced dirt detection algorithms. The device maintains stable point cloud without anomalies even when exposed to minute amounts of dirt, and can accurately report dirt-related information on demand. This addresses the pain point in autonomous driving LiDAR systems where prolonged operation leads to dirt accumulation on the sensor window, potentially causing functional irregularities. The ZVISION EZ6's capability to manage and report on such dirt accumulation enhances its reliability and usability for customers.

Furthermore, benefiting from the scalability of SPAD architecture, ZVISION has developed a comprehensive product matrix for all application scenarios. This product array is designed to adapt and evolve in response to market demands, specifically focusing on cost-effective solutions for urban NOA (Navigation on Autopilot) applications. A selection of these products is currently on display at CES, offering attendees an opportunity to view their capabilities firsthand

ZVISION EZ6-1png.png

At CES, the ZVISION EZ6 exhibit drew significant attention from existing clients. Numerous potential buyers in the autonomous driving and OEM segment commended the ZVISION EZ6 for its remarkable cost-effectiveness, superior sensing abilities, and adaptable engineering design. These attributes have highlighted the potential for expanded applications and advancements in LiDAR technology.


At CES 2024, ZVISION made a significant impact in the SPAD LiDAR sector with their ZVISION EZ6, demonstrating notable technical expertise and market potential. The continuous advancements in technology and its broad application suggest that the ZVISION EZ6 is well-positioned to become a killer product in the competitive landscape, potentially accelerating the widespread use of LiDAR in ADAS. By facilitating safer and more intelligent driving experiences for consumers, ZVISION reaffirms its commitment to leading industry innovation and furthering the development of smart driving technologies